What I Learned On My Honeymoon

From: Ameen Kamadia

Dear Friend,

I just got back from Alaska. What a great place for a honeymoon!

Yup, I got married, and we took a cruise/land tour package. The scenery is breathtaking. If you have never been, you must go. It's amazing.

Anyway, while I was there, I learned a very important lesson in marketing and customer retention. One of the people on our table, (for dinner you sit with other people on one table), was a dentist. He said he had a decent sized practice, but that he made very good money. One of the reasons was that he charged one-third more than any other dentist in his town.

He could do this because he had extremely loyal patients. Well, I didn't buy that for a second. Customers can be pretty fickle, so I kept asking him how he could say that, and what made them loyal.

He told me that he kept in touch with all his patients, every month. He sent them a short letter with teeth tips, jokes, and an update of what was going on in his office.

He would also have parties 2-3 times a year (not during the holidays) and would invite all his patients. (Nothing extraordinary so far.)

Then he showed me 300 postcards that he had bought in Anchorage that day. He was going to spend the next few hours writing out messages to all his 300 clients, and then mail them from the next port of call.

I had to admit, if I got a postcard from my dentist from Alaska, telling me he was thinking about me on his vacation I would be pretty impressed, even if he did charge more.

It didn't cost him a lot, 25 cents per postcard and 37 cents to mail. But he told me he mails postcards once a year from vacation and his clients love it. They talk about it for months to all their friends, and that has resulted in many new customers as well.

Those few hours spent in writing postcards, have allowed him to take many more vacations.

So the next time you go on vacation, spend a couple hours writing to your best customers, telling them you are thinking of them, even though you are on vacation. It'll blow 'em away.

But make sure to mail them from your vacation spot.

Happy Originating!




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