Want To Easily Impress Your Prospects?

From: Ameen Kamadia

Here is an easy way for you to impress your prospects.

Do the math in your head.

Simple addition, subtraction, and a little multiplication. I am not talking about calculus or algebra here. I am talking about leaving the little calculator in the drawer and being able to do some number crunching in your head.

For example: If the PI is $1,342 and the TI is $682, what is my monthly payment? Quickly now. In your head please. Can you do it?

If not, then do not worry because most of your clients cannot do it either. There is no shame in bringing out the calculator.

But what if you could do it in your head?

As soon as a prospect asks what his payment will be, give him the PI and TI separate just like I gave you above. Tell him to determine the monthly payment all he has to do is add them together. As he sits there looking all confused, blurt out the answer. If you think he doesn't trust you, get the calculator and let him use it to verify the answer. No, make sure he verifies your answer so there is no doubt in his head that you are right.

Or give him the calculator and blurt out the answer before he can finish keying in the numbers.

This is impressive, because you look smart. The impression is that you know what you are doing. If you can do math in your head, the math that he can only do with the help of a machine, the prospect will start to see you as smarter than him.

And smarter than any other loan officer he talked to already who needed the calculator.

Later on, he will question you less when it comes to numbers (like on the GFE or HUD), because you have proven yourself to be a math "genius".

Is it really that easy? Are people really that ignorant about math? I am sad to say, yes.

Visit any fast food restaurant and try to get correct change back when the register isn't working.

I went to Sonic for lunch today. (Sonic is a drive in hamburger place). The exact change to give to customers is printed on the bottom of the receipt in big bold numbers. No joke. These kids working there do not have to think for themselves.

People just do not use their heads to do math anymore. With computers and calculators, even us, as loan officers are guilty. I am too. I hate doing math in my head. But when I did it in front of prospects, it sure made me look good!

Oh, one final warning: Make sure you do not get the number wrong. That wouldn't be a good thing.

Happy Originating!




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