The Best Place To Work If You Are Lazy

From: Ameen Kamadia

I got the following email this morning,

"Dear Ameen,
I just bought your marketing to real estate agents kit.
I think the idea is really good, although involves a lot of work. One
thing that did make me regret my investment with you is the quality of
writing, grammar, etc. I would never market this quality to 100 hopeful
associates. I will most likely return the product, but I wanted to give
you an idea of what you could do to make this thing work."

First, let me thank this fellow for at least trying to help, but I think he missed the point.

Does it really matter if the writing is not of Stephen King quality? Especially if it is proven that it works just the way it is?

In fact, one of the items in the Toolkit is a letter where every word is misspelled on purpose, but you can still read it. (That letter is in there to prove another point.) I did not get an A in English class, but I did graduate with Honors. I read at least ten books a month from the largest publishers, and many of them have mistakes as well. I am sorry if there are errors in anything we send out. We do get everything edited, but mistakes happen. If you want marketing that makes you money, I am your guy. If you want proper english, then take a marketing class at your local university.

My point is, if you are going to be turned off to something by the way the message is presented, you are going to miss out a lot in life. If you only go to restaurants that look the fanciest, you will miss out on a lot of great places that serve much better food.

This guy admits the ideas are good, but he wants his money back because the grammar was incorrect in a few places. Give me a break! Does he want to be a rich mortgage broker or an English teacher? On top of that, his grammar is not perfect either!

Second, I think he gave away the farm when he mentioned in the second line that the kit is too much work. Hmmm, let think about this a second. Run ad, answer phone, meet Realtor, and do follow up. Yup, that's too much work. This guy was right. The 2-3 hours that would take is definitely not worth the $40,000 in commission you can earn from just one good Realtor.

People look, if you are allergic to work: GO GET A JOB WITH THE GOVERNMENT!

If you want to get ahead in this business or any other, some amount of work is required. Sorry, but that's the way it works. And if you get everything you need to get Realtor business handed to you already 90% done, and you still complain it is too much work - there is only one thing for you - euthanasia.

Happy Originating!




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