Relentless Promotion

From: Ameen Kamadia

Let me get right to the point.

You must engage in constant, relentless promotion in order to keep a business or career moving forward. It never stops. You must continue on as long as the business is to grow. This might be a bummer, but that is just the way the business world works.

When you do marketing, especially if you do niche marketing, you cannot think of your target market as stagnant or unchanging. Many loan officers run a marketing campaign that generates results and they still decide to change it. They rationalize by saying that the people who see the ad over and over must be bored with it. That might be true, and a new ad might bring in more prospects, but it is not because readers are bored with it.

Think of your target as a moving parade. You are standing still and the parade is passing you by. Every time you do your marketing, you hit one portion of the parade, but the parade keeps moving. So you need to keep marketing in order to hit more people.

Face it, change can happen really fast. Someone who has no money and no job today could be in the market for a house tomorrow if he hits the lottery. Additionally, the prospect you are meeting with today could be looking for a million dollar home, but tomorrow he might change his mind when he discovers his wife is cheating on him.

Who knows what will happen tomorrow or even in the next minute?

The point is that you must keep marketing. If you do not, the pipeline you have now will get smaller and smaller until there is no one left in the pipeline. No matter how much business you get, you must keep marketing.

An example of this is the refi boom of 2003-2004. Many loan officers were so busy with refi's that they stopped marketing to their Realtor partners. When the boom ended, they tried to go back. Sorry, those Realtors were now working with LO's that still took care of them and marketed to them even during the boom.

Speaking of Realtors, I did a great interview with a Loan Officer who used our Marketing to Agents Toolkit to start working with about 5 loan officers. Click here to listen to the interview or visit

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