Referral Generating Tool Number 12

From: Ameen Kamadia

The following is a tool that is completely discussed in our Referrals On Demand product. It works great for building a client list, as well as generating leads. It is called the endorsed mailing.

Here is how it works. You approach a local business, either a retail shop or a service business that has a database of clients. For example, let's use a local contractor. To simplify things, we will call this contractor the host.

You offer to pay for a mailing to the host's customers to generate more business for the owner. You will pay for the mailing and handle all the details. This includes addressing and printing. The mailing will be done on the host's stationary so that it looks like it came from the host.

The letter will be written by the host and will talk about how great a loan officer you are and that you have a special offer for all of the host's special customers. It then describes your offer and tells the client how to take advantage of the offer.

This offer can be anything like a free appraisal or a free report on home appreciation.

In return, you will send out a mailing to your database about the host and give your database an offer from the host. This can be paid by you or the host.

If done properly, this can result in several prospects for you and several new customers for the host.

You can then do this with as many businesses as you can find.

As a loan officer, you should already have a database. The endorsed mailing helps you to generate more names to put into your database. And if you have a particularly large database, other companies might offer you money to mail to your list. Or, you can mail an offer for them and get a piece of the sale as a commission.

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