Napolean Hill Secret

From: Ameen Kamadia

You probably know who Napoleon Hill was....I hope. He was the author of Think and Grow Rich, the most influential book about making money on the planet.

Good, now you remember. If you have never heard of this book, go to your bookstore and buy it TODAY! You can thank me later.

You would think that Mr. Hill would be one of the richest men in the world. I mean, he did write the book on getting rich. But guess what? He wasn't. In fact, if it wasn't for a man named W. Clement Stone, Mr. Hill would have died broke. Why is this?

In my opinion, the book has two major flaws.

#1. The emphasis is on thinking. Yes, thinking is vital to the process, but without action there is no chance of becoming rich. You can sit in the corner and think all you want, but if you don't get off your duff and do something, you will never be rich.

#2. This is the reason Mr. Stone got rich and Mr. Hill didn't. In his own writings, Mr. Stone wrote how the book Think and Grow Rich helped him get rich. He used Mr. Hill's own book, got rich, and then hired Mr. Hill to work for him. How did that happen?

What was the missing link that Mr. Stone found, but that Mr. Hill lacked his entire life?

What is the missing link in the most influential business book in the world?

The answer is in Mr. Stone's book titled: The Success System That Never Fails. Actually the answer is in the title itself.


In order to succeed, you must have a system. That is, a set of procedures that create a predictable response every time they are used.

Mr. Stone developed such a system and created The Combined Insurance Company of America, the largest insurance company in his day!

If you want predicable results in your business, you must have systems. The more the merrier. Every successful mortgage company has lots of systems. Marketing Systems, Service Systems, Processing Systems, Quality Control Systems, etc.

The only way to deliver Amazing Service to your clients is by having systems.

You probably already have some systems: the way you answer the phone is an example. Chances are, you say the same thing every time you answer the phone. That is a very, very simple system. By thinking about it from a customer's standpoint and adding steps to the system, to WOW the customer, you can take a simple system, and make it into something that creates customers.

Here are a few steps to take to create your own systems:

For a complete list you will need The Systems Manual that comes with our product Referrals On Demand. The Systems Manual goes into detail on how to determine what systems you need, how to create them, and how to implement them.

1. Pick a process that you do everyday. Example: Greeting a client who comes to the office for an interview.

2. Write down all the steps of this process. Example: Clients enter, get greeted by secretary, secretary pages loan officer, loan officer escorts clients to meeting room, etc.

3. Think of ways to add value and a "WOW factor" to each step. Example: When clients enter, they are greeted by name.

4. Add "WOW" factors to as many steps in the process as you can, and write down each new step in the system.

5. Distribute new system to everyone involved, rehearse if needed.

6. Follow up and evaluate the system to see if it is working.

Napoleon Hill never figured this out. He never created a system for himself to create wealth. He spent his life learning about how others got rich, and teaching others to get rich, but he missed the point of the system, and that led him to never get rich himself.

Don't let that happen to you. Create SYSTEMS for everything you do.

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