Marketing Quiz 2 of 3

From: Ameen Kamadia

Marketing Quiz #2 of 3

The following is a marketing quiz. It gives you three simple products and asks you to determine which product has the greatest chance of success in the marketplace. All three are real products that have been introduced in the past, but the names have been changed.

This quiz has been taken from the book, Jump Start Your Business Brain by Doug Hall. One of the things about Doug is that he writes using facts. He can back up every statement he makes with raw statistics taken from thousands of products in the marketplace. If you haven't read this book yet, get it.

Round 2

Give yourself about 2 minutes or less to complete this quiz.

Product #1: StepSafe Ice and Snow Remover

Melts Ice and Snow on Walkways in Super-Low Temperatures

Use StepSafe Ice and Snow Remover on steps, porches, and walkways to melt ice, snow, sleet and freezing rain. Specially formulated for harsh winter conditions, it works immediately to melt ice in temperatures as low as -50 degrees Fahrenheit to guard against winter slips - and it's safe on concrete, shrubs, and lawns. StepSafe comes in a convenient shaker package that's easy to store in your car, kitchen, hall closet or office.

Product #2: Jack Snack's Milwaukee Beach Snack Mix

A Tropical Party From Milwaukee?

It happened one January winter. The snow was piling and kids were whining. Jack was going a bit stir-crazy. Time for something different. Time to escape the same old same old. OK, OK. It's true there is no Milwaukee beach with palm trees, umbrella drinks and beach cabanas. But we didn't let that get in the way of our imaginations. Jack Snack's new snack mix is a tropical island blend with the tastes of the islands.

Product #3: Microwave Sentry

Monitors Your Microwave to Insure Your Family's Safety

The Microwave Sentry is a reusable indicator that detects radiation leaks from your microwave. These leaks sometimes can be caused by basic wear and tear or food particles that become caught in door seals or hinges. The Microwave Sentry has a laboratory-tested sensor that uses liquid crystal technology to change color to show if your microwave is leaking radiation. Full instructions are on the card along with a toll-free number to cal with questions.

Now rank the potential for each idea - number 1 having the greatest potential for customer success:

_____ StepSafe ______ Jack Snack's ______ Microwave Sentry

Before reviewing the results, ask yourself how you feel about your answers. Would you feel comfortable investing your entire net worth in your decisions? Can you explain your decision to others? Are your choice guided by instinct or principles?

In this quiz, Real Reason to Believe was the most dominate factor. Consumers must believe what you advertise. It should be direct and easy to understand. As a mortgage broker saying that you work with hundreds of lenders is not as effective as saying that you work with 348 national lenders.

You can read more about the Overt Benefit in Doug's book. We also cover this topic from a mortgage point of view in our Jump Start Your Mortgage Career E-Class.


#1 Microwave Sentry
#2 StepSafe
#3 Jack Snack's

Happy Originating!




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