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From: Ameen Kamadia

Marketing Quiz #3 of 3

The following is a marketing quiz. It gives you three simple products and asks you to determine which product has the greatest chance of success in the marketplace. All three are real products that have been introduced in the past, but the names have been changed.

This quiz has been taken from the book, Jump Start Your Business Brain by Doug Hall. One of the things about Doug is that he writes using facts. He can back up every statement he makes with raw statistics taken from thousands of products in the marketplace. If you haven't read this book yet, get it.

Round 3

Give yourself about 2 minutes or less to complete this quiz.

Product #1: Opti-roma

An Air Freshener That Lets You Choose From Three Fragrances

Opti-roma is the only air freshener that lets you choose between three attractive scents in one. Its innovative container is designed so that while the scent you select fight odors, the other two scents remain freshly sealed. Opti-roma lasts longer, up to sixty days. The three distinct fragrances in the package are Sweet Strawberry, Tropical Exotic, Lemon Fresh Crush. Or you can choose a unit with fragrances of Spiced Lemon, Meadow Mist, and Southern Potpourri.

Product #2: HearthGlow

A Quick-Lighting Fireplace Log of All-Natural Peat

Hearth Glow is a quick-lighting, long-burning fireplace log that's environmentally friendly because it's made of natural organic peat. Made with peat compressed with wax, HearthGlow fireplace logs are soot free, non-toxic, and nonsparking. A compact 5-lb log will burn brightly for more than three hours

Product #3: Ventin' Scents

Turns Your Room Vents Into an Air-Freshening System

Ventin'Scents air freshener is an easy, inexpensive way to use your venting system to circulate a pleasant fragrance throughout your home or office. And it kills germs that can come from ventilation system and make your environment unhealthy. Place the patented Ventin' Scents fragrance cartridge just inside an air intake, and the free-flowing air from your central heat, air conditioner or heat pump gently releases aroma every time your system turns on. Ventin' Scents will keep the fragrance flowing all day long for up to six weeks. Available in French Vanilla, Caribbean Breeze, Sweet Floral, and Gardenia Potpourri fragrances.

Now rank the potential for each idea - number 1 having the greatest potential for customer success:

_____ Opti-roma ______ HearthGlow ______ Ventin' Scents

Before reviewing the results, ask yourself how you feel about your answers. Would you feel comfortable investing your entire net worth in your decisions? Can you explain your decision to others? Are your choice guided by instinct or principles?

In this quiz we are looking at Dramatic Difference. Without uniqueness you have a commodity and will receive commodity profit margins. You and your products must be unique to be successful. What makes you different from all the other loan officers in your marketplace? If you don't have an answer, or if your answer is not convincing enough to your prospects they will see no real reason to do business with you.

You can read more about the Overt Benefit in Doug's book. We also cover this topic from a mortgage point of view in our Jump Start Your Mortgage Career E-Class.


#1 Ventin'Scents
#2 Opti-roma
#3 HearthGlow

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