Marketing Quiz 1 of 3

From: Ameen Kamadia

Marketing Quiz #1 of 3

The following is a marketing quiz. It gives you three simple products and asks you to determine which product has the greatest chance of success in the marketplace. All three are real products that have been introduced in the past, but the names have been changed.

This quiz has been taken from the book, Jump Start Your Business Brain by Doug Hall. One of the things about Doug is that he writes using facts. He can back up every statement he makes with raw statistics taken from thousands of products in the marketplace. If you haven't read this book yet, get it.

Round 1

Give yourself about 2 minutes or less to complete this quiz.

Product #1: Redout Rust Stopper

Stops Rust Each Time You Flush

Redout Rust Stopper is a bowl cleaner that prevents rust with every flush. Its unique, time-released formula stops the formation of rust and hard-water stains in your toilet bowl and tank, eliminating waterline ring. Nothing else on the market works like Redout Rust Stopper. It contains no acids, chlorine bleach, caustics, phosphates, or dyes and is safe for plumbing and septic systems.

Product # 2: Grandma Fricker's Organic Meals For Kids

Kids Meals Made From Organic Ingredients

Grandma Frisker's Organic Meals for Kids were developed to introduce children to the advantages of organic foods in a way they'll appreciate their whole lives. The recipes capture the flavor and fun of kids' favorite foods, using premium-quality, certified organic ingredients. Try all the flavors-including Pasta-Os in Tomato Sauce, Pasta-Os in Tomato Cheese Sauce, and Beans and Veggie Franks.

Product #3: StainSane

An Instant Stain and Spot Remover That Won't Harm You or Your Fabrics

StainSane Instant Spot and Stain Remover is safe for you and safe for your fabric. Use StainSane to get rid of a wide range of stains - grass, blood, coffee, perspiration, grease, ink, pet stains, chocolate and more. Its nontoxic formula works on clothing, rugs, upholstery, vinyl, and as a laundry pretreatment. Plus, it's biodegradable and nonflammable.

Now rank the potential for each idea - number 1 having the greatest potential for customer success:

_____ Redout Rust Stopper ______ Grandma Fricker's ______ StainSane

Before reviewing the results, ask yourself how you feel about your answers. Would you feel comfortable investing your entire net worth in your decisions? Can you explain your decision to others? Are your choice guided by instinct or principles?

In this round, Overt Benefit is the main point of difference. The Overt Benefit answers for the consumer "What's in it for me?" Consumers want to know the benefits of your service not the features.

A feature of a loan officer might be "I return all phone calls within 2 hours". But the benefit to the consumer is "I will always be available to talk to you"

You can read more about the Overt Benefit in Doug's book. We also cover this topic from a mortgage point of view in our Jump Start Your Mortgage Career E-Class.

#1 Redout Rust Stopper
#2 StainSane
#3 Grandma Friker's

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