Increase The Response Of Your Direct Mail

From: Ameen Kamadia

How To Increase The Response Of All Your Direct Mail

A coaching client recently asked a great question, and I want to share the answer with you here.

Here's the conversation we had pretty much as I remember it.

Coaching client: How do I improve the response to my direct mail?

Me: There are a zillion ways to improve response. Most of them you all ready know.

  • Improve the copy
  • Improve the call to action
  • Offer something with no risk
  • Personalize the message
  • Improve the mailing list
  • Sequenced mailings

Coaching client: Wait. What the heck is a sequenced mailing?

Me: That's where you send the same mail piece or a similar one to the same person a number of times.

Coaching client: Are you telling me to mail the same letter that they did not respond to the first time again?

Me: Exactly. And maybe even more than just one more time. At least 2 more times.

Coaching client: You're joking right?

Me: Nope. See, the first time you sent your letter or postcard, the person might not have even seen it. Or he might have had a bad day, or maybe the wife got to the mail first, or he just didn't think he needed what you offered.

But things can change in people's lives very quickly. Let's say you sent a letter to this fictitious fellow about cashing out some equity of his house. But the first time he throws the letter away and you get no response. Four days later he learns his father is ill and needs money for the hospital. 2 days later, your second letter shows up. And boom, you get a call.

There is no way to tell what is happening in the lives of the people we are marketing to.

This process of sequenced mailings works best with people who have already asked you for information - leads. Sequenced mailing to a cold list might not work as well. But then again, you never know until you test.

We did a sequenced mailing to local insurance agents. The letter was asking them to become loan officers and work with us. This way we could tap into their customer base. The first time we sent the letter we got no response - zero. But I was stubborn and did another mailing, this time making some changes to the original letter. We mailed to the same list. Result: 3 new loan officers. We should've mailed again a third time.

---End of conversation---

I don't know who originally came up with this idea. But Dan Kennedy is the one who has been promoting it heavily for the past few years.

If you think you'd like to learn more about sequenced mailing and how to make them work for you, Dan's Magnetic Marketing Toolkit is what you need. In his toolkit he shows how to take your business, and

  • increase leads
  • spend less per lead
  • and convert more leads into commissions.

The Toolkit is available in our Mortgage Bookstore.

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