How To Retire in 5 Years or Less

From: Ameen Kamadia

I used to write another subscription based newsletter called The Fortune Maker. The purpose of this newsletter was the help readers to retire in 5 years or less.

According to the rules I laid out, retirement meant:

1. You must be debt free.

2. You must own your own house.

3. You must have enough passive income to pay for your living expenses.

4. You must own your own business.

5. You must have a retirement account.

I planned to write this newsletter long enough to have enough material to put together a book or a course on the subject. And since I had met all five criteria laid out above I thought I was the perfect person to teach others to do so.

But due to other circumstances, like the success of my other books, I never had the time to devote to this newsletter so I stopped writing it.

The other day, I was looking through my files and I found 8 issues of this newsletter. And as I read through them I discovered that they are really, really good. This material is not something that should be lost inside a file drawer in my office.

So I took them out, got them into my computer, and I am going to offer them to you.

Some of the items I covered are:

  • The secret of getting rich
  • The science of getting rich
  • How watching the news can make you money
  • How Carlton Sheets actually makes his money
  • And a ton more

If you are in debt and trying to figure out how to get out, believe me, I have been in your shoes, and I know how it feels to have the debt weigh you down as if there is a boulder sitting on your shoulders. It runs your life.

I hope that what you learn in this newsletter can help you like it helped me. I charged $57 for a one year subscription to this newsletter, but I am going to let you have these 8 issues for only $19. At this price, everyone who needs this information can afford it.

So if you want to learn how to get out of debt and retire in 5 years or less, this will help.

Click here to download right now!

Happy Originating!




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