How Stupid Can I Be?

From: Ameen Kamadia

No matter what we know, we still need to be reminded of it from time to time. Take for example what happened to me recently. Normally when I send an email that a new issue of this newsletter has been posted the subject line is:

"(your name), new edition of Mortgage Magic Marketing Newsletter is here"

And I thought it was fine. But then I got an email from a reader. Here's what he wrote:

" Hi Amanda: thanks for the head sup alert: Now here is one for YOU>
You probably dont know how your message shows up in my e mail box roster. I mean what it looks like in the mess of other competing message lines. Your message when sorted by sendee is amanda K etcc. NOT EXACTLY EYE GRABBING.
Ripe candidate FOR A JUNK MAIL DELETE .... after all we don't even date yet.
Then the message line starts with John Vaughan . WOW I know that guy and
so does every porn pedler, and enlargement lotion sales site on the web.
When I sort by subject line there are usually four or five lines that start
that way. Scrubb this junk turkey message ! NO NO WAIT , burried way
over there it says MORTGAGE now that is a hot word to me. Lets click the
message and see what she has to say.
Let me suggest that you forget the sendee . . most people cant do much
about that . But by all means use the HOT WORD as the first word in the
subject line. not necessarily as part of a sentence. i.e. MORTGAGE MAGIC-
How to double your Real Estate Leads before Breakfast. You'll always get
me. And if you don't its because I'm now in the dog food business.
Thanks for your information . . . hope you will profit from mine.

John Vaughan, Loan Officer, House2home, Peoria AZ,"

Please don't judge John by the misspellings, he was typing very fast, and was nice enough to point out my mistake.

At first I didn't understand what he was saying. Plus, he was calling me Amanda (have no clue why). But when I reread the mail it made total sense. How stupid could I be? I am the one preaching to you about how you should lead every email with a catchy headline, and my own subject line is boring and worth deleting.

So from now on, I am going to take John's advice (thanks John), and change the subject of all my emails into something that gets opened.

This is a great tip: Every email you send to your customers should make the person sit up and take notice. Your goal is that when your recipient opens his inbox in the morning, and he sees a dozen or so new emails, that the first one he opens is yours. And you can have that happen by having a subject line that grabs him by the seat of his pants and compels him to read what you have to say.

This goes for all your autoresponder messages as well. And your own email newsletters to your Personal Sales Force. If you don't have a Personal Sales Force, you need Referrals On Demand now.

Happy Originating!




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