Get Free Advertising, Get More Referrals, Have Fun, and End Global Poverty At The Same Time!

From: Ameen Kamadia

Would you like to get free exposure to thousands of people, show your clients that you are a wonderful person, have fun with your family and friends and help end global poverty at the same time?

Well then you need to register for the AKF Partnership Walk.

This year I am responsible for Walk Teams for the Houston walk. The Walk itself is a tool to raise funds for the AKF. The AKF helps the unfortunate in Asia and Africa. You can read more about the walk at and about AKF at

So how do you get free advertising?


Here's my idea.

Find a cause, like the AKF.

Find if they have a fun fundraising event where they need volunteers to come - like the Walk. But there should be a lot of people there. At the Walk this year there will be more than 9,000 in Houston alone.

Form a Walk Team. Have your coworkers, family, friends, and especially your clients to join your team. The more the merrier.

Have T-shirts made, advertising you and your services. Print your USP and website really big on all the shirts. Choose a shirt color that stands out, like bright yellow. The shirts will cost you about $5 each.

You can also print up a banner advertising yourself. Or your company.

Get as many people on your team as you can. The more people there are wearing your shirts the better for you.

Try to make them raise money too.

Have fun!

The AKF only has Walks in five cities: Houston, Dallas, LA, Atlanta, and Chicago. But the March of Dimes has their walks all over. And there are probably other causes that have walks in your area.

The beauty about a walk is that it is non strenuous, no bike riding or anything like that. Kids can join in too. Plus it can be over in 20-30 minutes. The rest of the time you socialize with your past clients who joined you, and talk to anyone you want to network with.

These fundraising walks usually have thousands of people there from all walks of life. So far at our Houston walk, we the following celebrities coming: The Mayor of Houston, The Mayor of Sugarland, The Mayor of Friendswood, a few city council members, at least 3 anchors of the local news, Congressman Tom Delay, Representative Sheila Jackson, and more that I am forgetting.

Plus, all the money raised goes to a good cause. Even if your database does not join your team and walk, you earn brownie points just by having a team and asking them to join you. Most people only ask friends and family to help them in things like this. So by asking them, you are sending a message, that you consider them friends. Just contacting them will keep you in their conscious mind.

As I always say, you must keep in contact with everyone in your database, and this is a great reason to call or write. Who knows, they might even send you a donation on their behalf.

So if you are in Houston or its suburbs and you want to form a Walk Team, email me or register online at If not, look for a walk, or similar event, that you can use to get more business and make a difference in the world at the same time.

Happy Originating!




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