Five Direct Marketing Tactics to Get the Business

From: Ameen Kamadia

Any direct marketing expert will tell you that the second most important factor (after the list) of any direct marketing effort is the offer. The difference between a "workable" offer and a "killer" offer can mean thousands of dollars in revenue.

Here are five tips to help raise your offer to killer status:

1. Figure out who you are making the offer to. Forget the other four tips. Even if you only do this one thing, your campaign will be more successful than most of your competitors. First, decide who you want to attract to your business, then fashion the offer that will appeal to that particular audience.

2. Have a reason for your offer and say what it is. If you make a great offer for no reason, you will trigger the "no such thing as a free lunch" reflex in your readers' minds. All suspicion and no motivation to buy. You need to a have a real reason for your offer-you are new to the neighborhood, it's your business's anniversary, it's customer appreciation week at your company. Be as creative as you want, but be sure to have a reason.

3. Make the value a no-brainer. Your prospects are inundated with all kinds of offers. To stand out from the crowd, yours must be crystal clear so that it is understood instantly. Direct marketing resources have lots of information to help here. For example, one proven rule of thumb: Offering "half off" is easier to understand than 50% off, which in turn is a heck of a lot easier than 35% or even 60% off.

4. Likewise, make the call to action a no-brainer. In the same way that the value of the offer needs to be crystal clear, so does the call to action. Tell your recipient exactly what you want them to do--go to your web site and click on a certain link, come in to your office on a special date, or whatever action will allow them to take advantage of your offer.

5. Make it URGENT. Get your reader to act in the moment, while the idea and desire to buy from you is hot. This could be an expiration date on the offer, an extra bonus for fast response, or some other element that will mobilize your prospect.

Incorporate these tips into your next direct marketing campaign and watch the results. You will definitely see an improvement.

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