Automated Follow Up

From: Ameen Kamadia

Dear Friend,

95% of your clients now have an email address.

And there is a cheap and effortless way to follow up with them even on a daily basis if you wish. No wait, what am I saying? There is no wish about it. You MUST.

It is called an autoresponder. It's an email software that blasts emails out to people once they agree to get them. Once someone signs up to your responder, the software automatically sends that person whatever emails you want, whenever you want them sent.

For example, you can set up your responder with 50 email follow-ups. 1 to go out everyday. So when a client’s email address is added to your responder, that email address will get your first follow-up on day one, the second one on day two, and so on.

You can have as many follow-ups as you want. And they don’t cost anything extra.

If you mailed the follow-ups you would have to pay for paper, printing and postage. But with email it’s almost free!

Go to to see which company we use and recommend.

For about $20 a month you can send out as many follow-ups to as many people as you want.

So your clients will never forget you, just like I will never forget you.

That’s what we use to tell you this newsletter is ready. You are on our autoresponder list.

There is no worry about Spam, because the only people who subscribe to your list will get the messages, and every message will have a link at the bottom that people can click if they want to get off your list.

You can send as many messages, whenever you want.

No worries about not being computer savvy either. These companies have made it very easy for you to set up into your own website. Or, you can do it without the website.

Say for example, you want to advertise giving away a free report. All you do is have people send an email (blank or otherwise, it doesn’t matter) to your autoresponder email address. The computer will automatically send them the free report right away. And it will store their email address in its memory. If you have it set up properly, you can them have emails automatically sent to the person who asked for your report.

This would be a great thing to put on your business card or any other ad for that matter. For example: 

Ten Things To Know That Will Save You Thousands On The Next Home You Buy – Get this FREE report by sending an email to:

Or you can use it to be in constant communication with your clients during the loan process. Just enter their email into the system when they sign the loan app, and it can send them messages about what to expect at closing, how to refer you to their friends, not to buy a lot of furniture on credit before you pull the credit report, why they made a great decision in choosing you, etc.

Just brainstorm a little, and you will be able to come up with your own great ideas on how to use this great tool.

Happy Originating!




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