Around the Country in 365 Days

From: Ameen Kamadia

Last November, my wife and I decided to spend some time and take a trip traveling around the country. Thanks to the way I have set up my loan origination and marketing I can take a lot of time off and still generate a fair income.

We are thinking of spending a year traveling. Currently we are in Long Beach California. As of today we have been here two months. After another month we will relocate to San Francisco for a few months, then Hawaii, then New York City. Plans are not set in stone and may change.

As we travel around the country I am going to note all my observations about the mortgage and real estate environments in the areas we visit as well as report all the marketing blunders and triumphs that I witness.

And there will be pictures too, so you can travel along with us.

If we are close to your town shoot me an email and perhaps we can meet up. We are going to need some locals to show us all the hotspots. :)

You can checkout my posts at:

I have already uploaded pictures from the Grand Canyon, San Diego, and Las Vegas. There is also a post about how loan officers are compared to car salesman that I think you should read.

UPDATE: This issue was written in California. We have since finished our travel and are back in Houston safe and sound. Instead of driving in a circle around the US we actually did a figure 8. From Houston to Arizona to Las Vegas to Los Angeles. We stayed in Long Beach for 3 months. From there to San Francisco where we stayed for 3 months. Then to Portland, Seattle Vancouver, Calgary, Montana, Yellowstone, and Mount Rushmore. In South Dakota we took a detour and headed back to Houston. After about a month we went East all the way to Miami. Then north to Atlanta, The Carolinas, and Smoky Mountains National Park. From Chattanooga to D.C to Manhattan where we stayed for another 3 months. Then to Cleveland, Chicago and back to South Dakota where we took the detour and then straight South back to Houston.

It was am amazing trip and we hope to take many more like it in the future. For pictures and commentary please see the blog mentioned above.

Happy Originating!




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