4 Simple Steps To Get As Much Business From Realtors As You Want

From: Ameen Kamadia

Dear Friend,

Here are the 4 simple steps to get as much business from Realtors as you want.

1. Make them call you. A realtor will not respect you if you go into their office trying to bribe them with donuts, or even worse begging for loans.

2. Make yourself stand out. The only way a Realtor will do business with someone they have never worked with before instead of the millions of other mortgage companies out there, is if you offer them something that they cannot get anywhere else.

3. Act like a partner. Help them grow their business even before they produce any buyers for you. Most realtors suck at marketing and need help - so help them.

4. Follow up. Have a systematic follow up program that will show them you are a professional and that you will not go away until they try you.

Now, you are probably thinking to yourself,

"Yeah, this all sounds good, but how do I do this, and when will I find the time?"

I have got your answer. 

I have already done it for you.

In order to get Realtor business I have created a marketing system, that 

a. gets them to call you 

b. gets them to want to meet with you

c. provides you with a marketing system they cannot live without

d. provides you with all the marketing and follow up materials you need to put this system into action.

Trust me, the first three months I tested the system, I met with 26 realtors. 20 of those agreed to work with me and sent me 22 loans. In only 3 months!

Please do yourself a favor and read more about the system and how you can try it out at www.MarketingToAgents.com

Happy Originating!




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